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Metafrax Chemicals got a new website

Metafrax Chemicals got a new website

New Metafrax Chemicals website is developed within new Metafrax Group brand implementation. Website is available at: and it has Russian and English versions.

On the website. there is a detailed information about the head company of the group, its history, mission, management, products, quality management system and tenders. There are news, picture albums and issues of the corporate newsletters in a soft copy. Big section is dedicated to ecological and social responsibility of the company, corporate social policy, sponsorship and charity, company projects in culture. Separate section gives insight into human resources policy, options for school students, school graduates, university students and young specialists.

“Metafrax Chemicals website update is yet another step in creation of the websites family by Metafrax Group in the new brand. New websites and landing pages are developed for all the group companies”, highlighted the communications leader of Metafrax Group Maria Konovalova.

In 2019 Metafrax Group website was launched. Then new internet resources were created for Metadynea Russia and Metadynea Austria, Metafrax Trading Russia and Metafrax Trading International, Metafrax-Inform and the engineering and technological center of Metafrax. New websites are being developed for other companies of the Group as well.

Multi-channel brand agency Electric Brand Consultants, which participated in creation of the group of companies’ new brand, was engaged by Metafrax Group in creation of the websites family. In august 2020, the new brand of Metafrax Group received an international design award Red Dot in the category Brands & Communication Design 2020.

“We continue with the new brand implementation process: on all communication carriers, in navigation systems, across all the companies locations. Documents preparation standards are implemented, there is ongoing update of buildings and structures internal and external design, sites navigation. Ahead of us there is a design of the transportation means and packing. All scope of activities on the new brand implementation will last several years”, informed Maria Konovalova.


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