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The third formalin plant was put in operation at “Metafrax” in Gubakha

The third formalin plant was put in operation at “Metafrax” in Gubakha

At the production facility of “Metafrax Chemicals” in Gubakha was completed a cycle of construction works on the concentrated formalin plant (CF-3). On 23 October 2021 the raw material – methanol was supplied to the plant, and the reaction was started in the reactor of formaldehyde synthesis.

“As a result the finished product is received, which complies with the standard of quality”, informed the company technical director Alexandr Vdovin. “Then on the plant was started adjustment of the operating parameters at different loads with the operating mediums.”

The unit started to work with normal operating parameters, there is a production of the finished product. Concentrated formalin, first of all, will be supplied to Gubakha branch of “Metadynea” for production of resins, as well as for production of pentaerythritol and hexamine within internal plant consumption.

At the moment of the CF-3 start-up the formalin plant was visited by the PJSC “Metafrax Chemicals” general director Vladimir Daut and his first deputy – executive director Victor Maier. The managers congratulated the plant personnel with the important event and they wished further success.


The CF-3 performance reaches 23 tons per hour, daily the unit produces more than 550 tons of product, in which there is 55% formaldehyde and less than 1% of methanol. Now the plant is working in a commissioning mode.

This is a third formalin plant for the company. It was constructed within the investment project of “Metafrax Group” on creation of paraformaldehyde and formalin plants. Start-up of the new plants will allow to create more than 30 work places, increase internal processing of methanol up to 450 thd. tons per year and extend the range of the output products, which is foreseen by the company development strategy.