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«Silver» from Forbes

«Silver» from Forbes

The «Metafrax Chemicals» Company was awarded with the silver status of the ESG-rating of the best employers in Russia according to Forbes.

This is the third rating presented by the magazine, that includes 104 companies. The rating methodology was developed jointly with the KPMG Company and is formed on the basis of global ESG-principles (Environmental, Social, Governance) - responsible attitude to the environment, high social responsibility and high quality of the corporate governance. That there the key indicators, according to which the experts evaluated the operation of companies.

Depending on the expert assessment, the rating participants were awarded with one of four statuses: "platinum", "gold", "silver" and "bronze".

After review and analysing of the “Metafrax Chemicals” operation according to several indicators, namely: salary level, staff turnover, training, cost of the employee benefits, charity, environmental strategy, environmental costs, corporate governance and others, the rating experts awarded the company with the “silver” status. This is a high assessment of “Metafrax Chemicals” as a reliable and fair employer.

In the pandemic year 2020, the protection of personnel has become a priority for the Company's management. Despite the economic crisis, a decrease in some production and financial indicators, the Company's staff was maintained, and the main measures of social support continued to function. The Company's employee benefits exceeded 200 million rubles.

In the frames of the adopted strategy, “Metafrax Chemicals” continues to actively implement its investment strategy. Today, several production facilities are being built at the Company’s Site - the “Ammonia-Urea-Melamine” Complex, plants for the production of concentrated formalin and paraformaldehyde. The contract was signed for the construction of a second melamine plant. And it means hundreds of new created jobs for young inhabitants of the Perm Region, whom the company trains in the universities of the Region and the Ural Chemical-Technological College.

Along with production investments, “Metafrax Chemicals” increases green investments every year. By creating conditions for long-term development, the Company improves production and implement modern and efficient ways to reduce emissions and wastes.

The priority of environmental issues is fixed at the level of the Company's mission. Only in 2020 the total current expenditures on environmental protection exceeded 126 million rubles. In total, the three-year program of "Metafrax Chemicals" from 2020 to 2022, aimed at solving environmental issues, provides for more than 5 billion rubles of investments.