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Perm residents will see "Ethereal beauty"

Perm residents will see

On May 22, 2021, the "Ethereal beauty" exhibition will open in the Perm State Art Gallery. It is already the third exhibition in the framework of "Chemistry of Art" - a joint educational project of "Metafrax" PJSC and the Perm Gallery, which was created for children. It begun with the 2019 exhibition "Chemistry of Painting" and in 2020 the "Inside the picture" exhibition was held.

The main educational goal of the project is to introduce young viewers to different types of art. The exhibits help to find answers to questions: why artists see and create differently, how are content and form related, which role does chemistry play in the creation and life of artworks.

The current "Ethereal beauty" exhibition will present works of ancient Russian art - original versions from the gallery's collections: icons and Perm wooden sculpture.

- We invite viewers to try to treat the icon as a text in an unknown language. We will help you learn this language in order to discover the meaning, implication and beauty of works of ancient Russian art. The idea of the exhibition authors is to reveal to the little viewer this special, "ethereal" beauty, which is not immediately clear. Here you will be told of why the image on the icon does not look like real life at all, why there is a lot of gold and red in it as well as how and from which materials the icon paints are made, - the Perm Gallery stated.

The exhibition will combine various forms of information perception – visual, tactile and auditory.

- Authentic works will be near research areas, tactile and methodological materials will be created for visitors. A virtual tour will be a significant addition to the exhibition, it will be posted at the websites of the project partners and will make the exhibition accessible to a larger number of participants, including nonresidents, - said Maria Konovalova, adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Metafrax" PJSC.

Details can be found in the "Business Class" Perm business newspaper through the link.