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Metafrax signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of Perm Research and Educational Center

Metafrax signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of Perm Research and Educational Center

Dmitriy Makhonin, governor of Perm region, and Vladimir Daut, General Director of PJSC Metafrax, signed a cooperation agreement between the company and the government of Perm region. The document is the basis for long-term cooperation of Perm Research and Educational Center Rational Use of Subsoil (REC) and the enterprise, first of all, within such direction of the center as chemical technologies.

The agreement provides for interaction both in research and educational directions. The point is about cooperative development, commercial exploitation and introduction of products and technologies to the Russian and world markets, creation of new enterprises and modernization of existing ones. As part of the educational direction, cooperation is aimed at improving for training system of highly qualified research and production personnel.

“Our unique Perm Research and Education Center combines education, science and industry. It is important for the region to develop the center in close cooperation with enterprises. The main goal of this work is to create new technologies and world-class products. The center has great prospects in this direction: it conducts applied research and development of high-tech products and tests the introduction of new technologies into production. Metafrax is a reliable partner of Perm region, which is currently implementing two large investment projects in the region. I am sure that our cooperation in the REC will be effective and efficient both for the enterprise and the center”, emphasized the importance of the signed document governor of Perm region Dmitriy Makhonin.

“REC is interesting for us, first of all, as an integrator of research and educational resources in the region. Cooperation between science and the real sector of the economy can produce a tangible synergistic effect. Last year we already collaborated with REC on a number of promising projects and we expect that due to signing of the agreement our cooperation will go to a deeper level and bring new positive results”, said Metafrax Chairman of the Board of Directors Armen Garslyan.

Pavel Ilyushin, director of REC, noted that cooperation with Metafrax as an international company is important for the center.

“We understand that working in the global market, Metafrax understands very well the current challenges and promising directions of technology development. This means that within the framework of our cooperation, we solve important tasks and their results will be related to the world level. The most important thing is that knowing prospective tasks, we will be able to organize the educational process in such a way that university graduates will not catch up with enterprises, but will get acquainted with the most actual and prospective approaches already in the process of education”, stated Pavel Ilyushin.

Metafrax Group is constantly working to improve the production and develop its product range and has extensive experience in cooperation with various research and educational organizations. Group companies have signed a number of cooperation agreements with universities, including Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU).

REC Rational Subsoil Use was among the first five centers established in 2019 as part of the national project "Science".